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“Great Menu”
Jan 2, 2016
troysaI (Guam)

The menu is absolutely huge. It is a great place to go with a group, one person can order Thai food, one a burger, one mexican food, another breakfast food. Get it? Variety is the spice of life! Good place for a beer and cocktail later as well as there is a bar in the back.

“Loved the spring rolls”
Dec 15, 2015
Tara P (Austin, Texas, United States)

The peanut sauce was delicious! Also the thai food was pretty good. If you like spicy then let them know because they don't really add any spice to the thai food.

“Allright Thai bar.”
Nov 27, 2015
todd m (?)

Great stopover on your Saipan walk abouts. Get a taste of original Thai food, as Thai's run the show. Good place for the early morning breakfast, with American menu thrown in for god measure. Go for the Thai fresh spring rolls.!

“Fun Place, Good Food”
Jul 31, 2015
kirksan (Yokosuka, Japan)

We liked this restaurant. Nothing splashy about the place and I can't hardly say what we liked about it - but we ate there twice in 4 days. The folks were friendly and the menu offered a variety of options. We had Thai and a burger with a couple of beers. Very good, I'd go back.

“Great Home made food”
Jun 29, 2015
Erika S (Guam, United States)

I have eaten here numerous times during past trips to Saipan. However during my current trip I ordered their Death Burger: Hand-packed beef patty with onions and bell peppers, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese-it was supposed to have jalapenos but there were none in mine-but IT STILL TASTED DELICIOUS!
Great place for Thai, American and Chinese food as well!

“We wish we'd found this earlier!”
Feb 26, 2015
Eugene S (Ken Caryl, Colorado)

We ate here on our last night in Saipan. It is attached to a bar. There is Chamorro, Mexican, Thai, American food and more. We had Thai and it was very good.

“Don't Miss This Place”
Jan 6, 2015
Richard P (Vientiane, Laos)

A Saipan institution, this place has great food and just the right island ambience. I had the burrito plate (the Mexican food is very good) pictured in the photo. It was so large I could only eat half of it and had the rest for lunch the next day. My buddy had the "Death Burger" which is something like a full pound of ground beef covered in bacon, 3 cheeses, mushrooms and enough condiments to take some home. He did not even get half of it eaten before he gave up. Nong and Rat, that run the place are from Thailand but have lived in Saipan a long time. Stay for a few beers and get to know them and the other interesting types that inhabit this island in the Pacific.

“Best breakfast”
Dec 8, 2014
Robert E (?)

This place is the best brekky place in Saipan. Always there like clockwork orange when visiting for number 11 on the menu - SOS.. Caring staff and very good portions and prices!!

UPDATE OCTOBER 2009: Guam Food Guy reviews Wild Thai Cuisine!

Wild Thai Cuisine has opened for business in the former Andaman Thai location next to OP Bakery in the Monticello Plaza. It is owned by the same folks who have Wild Bill's in Saipan and Wild Bill's Bar in Tamuning. They are having their "soft opening" period for the next few weeks.

I stopped by one night and talked to owner Somjai about her menu, which is replete with enticingly vivid food photos and contains a few appetizers and entrees you don't often see here, such as Tod Mun Plar (fish cake mixed with curry paste) or Koong Sarong (shrimp wrapped with bacon and wonton dough, then fried). An unusual entree is Stir Fried Clams (made with oyster sauce and Thai spices) and looks like something worth trying. 

The dining room retains the same look and feel of Andaman, however Somjai has posted some marvelous Thai photo art that depict the people and beautiful scenery of Thailand.

I ordered the above-mentioned Koong Sarong appetizer ($10), Pad Thai with Chicken ($8), and Green Curry with Pork ($8), along with an Asahi, though I yearned for a Singha. They didn't have Thai Coffee or Tea when I was there last week, though it may be available now. The Koong Sarong comes with a homemade sweet chili dipping sauce. For a deep fried dish, this was pretty good...after all,bacon-wrapped shrimp is a popular combo, though I prefer it teppan style. Still, with the crisp wrapper and sweet chili sauce, this was not bad at all.

The Pad Thai was substantial and fresh-tasting. Unfortunately, the menu doesn't have a combination option available other than a Seafood Combination Pad Thai. I wanted a combo of chicken and shrimp and the friendly and engaging server (still new at restaurant serving) didn't know that I could have it my way. I found this out from Somjai during our conversation albeit for an additional charge.

The Green Curry with Pork was really good, filled with fresh chilies, eggplant, long beans, bamboo shoots, eggplant and lots of tender sliced pork. I ordered medium heat for both dishes and frankly, it could have been a little bit hotter. There are condiments on the table that can add more spice to the dish if you like.

I really think they'll do alright, since they have restaurant and bar experience as well as a confident attitude forged by business acumen. Somjai wants to be sure the food is properly prepared and that customers are satisfied. They are open for lunch from 11am- 2:30pm and dinner is served from 6-9:30pm, Monday - Saturday.

"Guam Food GuyKen Stewart's review of Wild Bill's on Saipan:

Another worthwhile spot in Saipan is the relatively new pub and restaurant called Wild Bill's Bar & Grill, which islocated in Garapan about a block away from Thai House. I was told about this place by several people, but it wasn't until I ran into Bill Curry and his wife Somjai on Guam that they told me I needed to get to their new place and try out their Thai food. Wild Bill's boasts a diverse menu selection, including a variety of hot sandwiches from Roast Beef  to burgers such as the Bacon Cheeseburger, Country Fried Steak, Fried Chicken, Steaks, Seafood Entrees, Combinations, and more. They also have a Thai food section on their menu, which is what I came to eat this time.

I ordered the Gai Kra Praow (Chicken with Sweet Basil), Pad Thai, and was given a sample of their signature fresh rolls (Summer Rolls) which were mixed bean thread noodles and vegetables with shrimp, served with peanut sauce. The rolls were awesome...not just great tasting, especially when dipped in the hot, as in warmed, spicy peanut sauce with generous chopped nuts floating atop, but also great in stature and number. There were eight halves that each seemed to be about as big as the regular-sized ones I'm used to getting. I ate what I could, and brought the rest to the staff at my hotel.

The Pad Thai was pretty good, too, and I portioned half for take-out. I really enjoyed the Gai Kra Praow. I had this dish Thai Style, with the fried egg on top. It was as good as I've had at my favorite Guam Thai restaurants, with nice red bell peppers and fragrant basil infused throughout. It has to be one of my favorite Thai dishes...certainly an aromatic delight for me!

Wild Bill's is open for breakfast, too, and serves Omelettes, Pork Chops, Chamorro Breakfasts, Beef Tapa, Breakfast Steaks, Pancakes, French Toast, Hash Browns,and Fried Rice. Their phone number is 
(670) 233-3372 for take-out and they are open from 7am-10pm.