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Restaurant review: Wild Bills

Around these parts, "Wild Bills" is as famous as its namesake.  Opened by Texan Bill Curry and his wife Somjai, the pub house and restaurant burst onto the scene in 2006 and has been a staple ever since.  The couple have proudly gone back to their roots to offer Saipan a diverse dining option that offers a little something for everyone.  For the red-blooded Americans out there, you'll notice some familiar grub on the menu that will make you feel right at home.  For instance, they offer fried chicken, chicken fried steak and the perennial favorite: the bacon cheeseburger. 

And for the more international astute amongst us, Wild Bills will treat you right.  In fact, the Thai food in my opinion is the best in town and that's saying something considering its competing against a dozen or so Thai restaurants.  For dinner, I typically order the Gai Kra Praow (Chicken with sweet basil) or the Pad Thai.  Make sure you come hungry because the portions are HUGE.  My wife and I generally split an entree and we both leave full.

It's not all sunshine and puppy dogs though--Wild Bills has a few flaws in my book.  For starters, the atmosphere leaves something to be desired.  It's hard to enjoy a quiet meal here as the bar area can often get rowdy.  Like most restaurants in Saipan, the furniture, appliances, and decorations have a weathered look to it which might create an impression of untidiness.   The prices--while still inexpensive--have increased 20% in the past five years.

Thankfully, the efficiency of the waitstaff more than makes up for any shortcomings.  Don't expect lots of friendly conversations though--the bar area and the steady stream of customers keep these Thai waitresses busy.  And while they may be too busy to chat up, you can nonetheless expect a friendly smile, prompt service, and an overall great experience.

Wild Bill's is open for breakfast, too, and serves Omelette's, Eggs benedict, Chamorro Breakfasts, Beef Tapa, Breakfast Steaks, Pancakes, French Toast, Hash Browns,and Fried Rice.  While I love breakfast food, I wouldn't recommend the eggs benedict.  I've ordered it twice and both times the eggs were overcooked and the hollandaise sauce was more like a cream gravy  Other than that, everything I've tried is good.  So go ahead and give 'em a chance. Their phone number is (670) 233-3372 for take-out and they are open from 7am-10pm.  They also host a trivia tournament every Tuesday starting at 6:30--it's free to play and everyone is welcome to participate.
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